Apna time Aayega

"Do it when your time comes" C-Suite to those not

Constant advise to folks who execute from the folks who strategise passed along by pliant managers

Strict hierarchy in armed forces is compressed in combat, the urgency of life and death decisions and all that

As a young officer I knew all about how all the senior ranks had it all wrong, and only the young ones going into battle knew what was what

And then I rose a few ranks and became "Them" The guys who are expected to stay back and command those who lead men into battle. Kind of like managing war and peace.

I then proceed to be retaught over 4 years a few things about #militaryleaders that a decade of combat could not change.

1. The C-Suite/ Flag rank got there on merit, knew what they were talking about and you listened to them cos they had seen stuff and kept it together, combat ones, managers they're No 2.

2. Managers 'MANAGE' and that's a 6 letter dirty word, even though it's essential to grease the wheels of the system, there are sharp personalities both up and down, the gears that move the machine. You can hate them but they are like weed, everywhere. and about as useful.

3. I realized to everyone's surprise that I would still stand up to REMs, even to the peril of the annual, command came first, always and every time. some tough times forged some good soldiers.

The corporate world is different and same at the same time, most rules of combat apply.

Just decide if you are the lion or the sheep

and then you do what you gotta do to survive.

#amorfati #agilefauji