Fauji in the mirror

Fauji in the mirror : Your image

I am you, I will remain you.

I am you, who chose to serve. We are not the guard at the gate, we are the keepers of your faith. Eternal & strong. Together.

Man in the mirror

looks within your heart n mind

surprised some pleased some,

your soul he can find.

Man in the mirror, hard to please,

If you lie, just don't look him in the eye.

Take your chance & roll the dice.

Man in the mirror

My spirit guide.

Fauji : I made my decisions not because I was being watched but because I was watching. I believe in commitment & capability, I play for the longhaul.

I can do a Crisis, that's my strength.

I am required to prove that I am capable at every turn, so be it.

It takes time & energy to align a group, we can.

When men & women of Armed forces, with commitment & technical ability, just like you, come together with an organization, success would follow.

Call to Action🔥🔥🔥

Mentor a fauji, as only Corporate leaders with pure heart of a patriot can.

It's not about the fish

It's all about the art of fishing.