Reality ignores past glories

military veterans who say that they have found an organisation which is as close to the uniformed service they left behind, I don't know what they have been smoking to get high on

If you are still looking out for corporates who are like the Armed forces, why did you leave in the first place

no, no corporate is like the armed forces, they don't have to be, it's not in their charter with their employees or shareholders

honor what you left

honor what you left with

Career transition is all about getting the right building blocks in the right place, it's an art and you are the artist

which building block works is upto you

where you got them from is upto you

where you get new ones is upto you

how you choose to place them going ahead is upto you

who you listen to is upto you

why you do something is upto you

why you don't is also upto you

your career transition is upto you

that's a weakness and that's a power